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KickStart is an award-winning, global non-profit social enterprise that develops and mass-markets low-cost irrigation solutions that are bought by thousands of small-holder farmers in developing countries and used to increase their income by up to a factor of ten, enabling them to lift themselves sustainably out of poverty. They are looking for a motivated & result driven individual for the above vacancy.

Reports to: Country Manager

Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Provides consultation, input and feedback on human resource issues.
  • Coaches and councils staff on a variety of organizational issues to promote a positive work environment and provide guidance on KickStart policies, procedures, laws and regulations.
  • Administers compensation and benefit plans within the corporate framework.  May have some unique aspects based on local legislation or custom.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of country program strategic plan with ownership of the human resources area of the plan.
  • Manages workforce planning and staffing activities with a focus on diversity.
  • Manages employee communication within the country program.  This includes bulletin board management, employee mailings, assisting with employee meetings and other such activities to communicate with employees on relevant topics.
  • Manages training and development activities within the country program, including planning for training, administering and delivering.
1) Creating Trust
  • Considers ethical issues before making decisions.
  • Sets clear expectations that others will act in a manner consistent with KickStart values.
  • Does what is right rather than what is popular or expedient.
  • Does not distort the facts with own biases and agendas.
2) Building Talent
  • Attracts and retains top talent.
  • Develops successors and talent pools to establish greater "bench strength."
  • Helps others address their strengths and development needs.
  • Promotes sharing of expertise and a free flow of learning across the organization.
3) Listening to Others
  • Reflects and summarizes others' comments to ensure understanding.
  • Listens patiently to others without interrupting and exhibits appropriate nonverbal behaviors to show receptivity to others' spoken messages.
  • Demonstrates genuine interest and empathy when listening to others.
  • Demonstrates that others' viewpoints are valued and have been taken into account.
4) Communicating Openly
  • Identifies creative ways to gain others' input.
  • Fosters open exchange of ideas and knowledge throughout the organization.
  • Ensures the organization's messages are communicated effectively to all levels of employees.
  • Ensures necessary lines of communication are operational.
5) Building Relationships
  • Projects warmth, sincerity and openness in interactions with others.
  • Relates well to people regardless of their organizational level, personality, or background.
  • Maintains positive relationships, even under difficult or heated circumstances.
  • Increases business agility by building networks across the organization and externally.
  • First degree in a relevant course, with at least 3 years experience at Management level.
  • Must have post-graduate training in Human Resource Management.
  • Planning, organizational and analytical skills and a team player.
  • Excellent Interpersonal and Communication skills.
  • Must have in depth knowledge of HR Management Information System.
  • Hands on and self driven.
  • Willingness and flexible to travel and work all over Tanzania and among the poor communities.
How to Apply:
Please follow the instructions as stated below as failure to do so could lead to disqualification.
1. Send an Application letter and CV/Resume.
2. Merge these two documents into one document in either word or pdf format.
3. Do not attach or send any scanned documents, these are sometimes too large for our inbox.
4. Include the job title and/or reference number in the subject line of the email address   and send your application by email to
5. Only successful candidates will be contacted. For all other inquiries please contact our offices directly.

Apply before: 22 Mar, 2013



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