Relocation Consultant

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Job Description: Relocation Consultant:
Location: Tanzania


To assist customers in relocation projects and to growth local business through sales and marketing activities
Behavioral competencies:

KEY PERFORMANCE AREAS are defined as follows :
• Multi-task management
• Sales activities
• Marketing activities
• Suppliers management
• Project driven

Multi task management

- Manage all customers requests
- Ensure that our suppliers/partners are meeting their commitments
- Assist our clients in accommodation search
- Assist our clients in settling in and at departure
- Assist our clients with all necessary steps for working abroad, compliance with the local legislation of the customer
- Report on regular basis to management (sales and activity report )
- Understand matrical organization
- Update information on regular basis on IT tools

Sales Activity

- Set up a local sales activity plan
- Meet potential customers
- Set up and maintain price policy
- Develop and growth local business as per the business plan
- Launch new services as per required by local customers

Marketing Activity

- Create local marketing plan respecting graphic chart
- Adapt marketing tools supplied by ER Africa
- Collect customer feedback
- Ensure permanent quality control

Supplier management

- Select, screen and identified local suppliers
- Agree and sign partnership agreements
- Obtain necessary quotes from suppliers
- Ensure adequate price conditions
- Ensure that all Suppliers invoices are processed, reconciled and handed in for payment

Project driven

- Respect deadlines
- Ensure service delivery commitments
- Follow up on customers satisfaction once project completed
- Implement new ideas to improve on service delivery

- Sales report
- Activity report
- Project costing

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