Friday, July 26, 2013

Administrator and Executive PA

Position: Administrator and Executive PA
Company: AIM Group (T) Ltd

Area: Dar Es Salaam
Deadline: August 31st, 2013

AIM Group is looking for an experienced office administrator that is ready for a challenge. This administrator will work to ensure a comfortable and operational working environment for the team at AIM (for which they will also be a part) - critical for performance and swift delivery on projects.
The strong candidate will handle day-to-day admin from dealing with suppliers, to ensuring the base necessities of electricity, water and all other critical elements are in provision. They will also be charged with long term planning to establish sustainable systems and processes for office administration.
In tandem with their administrative and office management duties, this person will also serve as a personal assistant to the executive team. 
Experience or a strong working knowledge in HR is preferred.
University degree preferred. 

How To Apply:
Send application to or
PDF is the preferred file format for any attachment or supporting document.