Financial Controller

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Job title: Financial Controller
Based at: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Report to:  Managing Director

Oversee the day to day finance activities and manage the company's accounting function producing regular management accounts and information to enable the management to better manage the business. In addition to produce annual statutory accounts and other statutory returns whilst ensuring the accuracy of the company's ledgers.

Main Responsibilities: 
 General activities

  • To ensure the integrity of the Company's ledgers and associated systems.
  • To produce monthly management accounts forecasts and information monitoring the various aspects of the Company's performance within the specified timescales.
  • To provide statutory accounts, returns for tax, VAT and other government departments.
  • To maintain a fixed asset register.
  • To assist in the production and development of the Company's Business Plan and budgets.
  • To manage the Accounts Department staff.
  • To identify training needs within the department and make suitable recommendations for action.
  • To seek improvements in the Company's information systems (manual and electronic).
  • To identify and evaluate areas for improvement of profit with particular regard to cost reductions and methodology.
  • To ensure the Company's Quality procedures and Health & Safety Policy are adhered to within the department.
  • To develop a culture of empowerment throughout the team ensuring that all employees take responsibility for the ongoing success of the Company.
  • To develop a customer focused approach to the internal client base.

Quantitative Data 

  • Preparation of annual business and budget plan objectives
  • Capital Expenditure Decision Making Authority                               
  • Allocation of resources
  • Payment and debt collection within current forecast             

Overall of Stores

  • Auditors, Bankers, 
  • Stoke taking twice per year, 
  • Insurance, 
  • Subcontractors, 
  • Suppliers and Clients


  • Ensuring that the existing accounts timetables are adhered to.
  • Ensuring that meaningful information is provided to management to enable timely and current decisions to be made affecting policy and Operations.
  • Ensuring stability within the accounts function
  • Ensuring that all resources are used in the most effective manner
  • Ensuring that individual employees are working as part of the overall team and are committed to company success.
  • Identifying and evaluating areas within the Company's operations.

Qualifications desired:
Candidates are required to possess;

  • Graduate degree in Accounting and finance plus at least 6 years’ experience in related field at Managerial position.
  • Should possess good organizational and people skills, excellent presentation skills.
  • Fluent in English, Swahili, Gujart, Hindi and Urdu

Application mode:
All interested Candidates should apply not later than Monday 29th July 2013 electronically to the below email address attaching their C.V and Application Letter only. The subject line should read “Application for Program Manager Position 

Email: careers1@erolink.biz



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