Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Intern - Design and Production

WomenCraft offers an opportunity for a design student/graduate to gain professional experience in the product design and production of our traditionally woven basket range. The Design intern will assist WomenCraft in creating new designs and implementing design variations. By working together with the WomenCraft staff and our skilled artisans they will oversee the design process; from concept to creation. The Design Intern will also provide support in other functional areas within WomenCraft, thereby gaining exposure to the wider operation and the field of international development. This position will be supervised by the Director.

Expected Projects and Skills Learned:
Understand and participate in WomenCraft’s current design and production process. Observe how current designs are produced. Gain understanding of the production process from the time an order is given out to artisans until to the moment the finished product is shipped to the customer. Fully participate in all aspects of production.
Assist WomenCraft in design modifications. Compile suggestions for modification to current designs. Work with WomenCraft staff and skilled artisans to sample modifications in color, size, and materials. Understand the cost implications of the different designs, as well as availability of raw materials and ease of production. Use this knowledge to suggest the most feasible, cost-effective design variations.
Assist WomenCraft to experiment with new designs. With WomenCraft’s ethics and style in mind, develop new product design sketches that; extend WomenCraft’s product line, focus on reducing production time and open up new market areas. Submit design ideas to WomenCraft Director and the International design team, after feedback has been obtained, work together with skilled artisans to sample your new designs.

Assist WomenCraft to strengthen other aspects of the design and production process, as assigned.
a. Provide training and guidance to WomenCraft’s artisan groups and master weavers, looking for ways to strengthen their contributions to WomenCraft and improve their design skills.
b. Implement time sample studies on all new products, in order to understand production times and best estimate costing.
c. Assist WomenCraft to better understand and Utilize the raw materials available to us. This includes; material experimentation, sourcing the raw materials and ensuring that they are sustainable materials for WomenCraft to use.
d. Assist WomenCraft to better package and present its finished products.
e. Work with staff and artisans to experiment with in-house fabric production.

• Experience and study in product design
• Knowledge/demonstrated interest in handicrafts and design.
• Excellent research, communication, interpersonal, computer and organizational skills;
• Ability to take initiative and work independently;
• Demonstrated interest in international/cross-cultural experiences;
• Ability to be flexible and make contributions as a member of a team;
• Interest in fair trade and/or international development;
A stipend to cover room and board is available for qualified design interns only.

How to apply:
Please send a CV and cover letter stating the reason for your interest and your dates of availability through email to