Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

Position: Fundraising and Communications Coordinator

This is  an  exciting, management  level  role  for  a  highly motivated,   professional individual who is committed  to the rights and  empowerment of children and  young people   and   has  extensive  experience  in  fundraising,  communications,  branding, graphic  design, website  development and  media  for development.   With a  keen eye  for  consistency, brand   identity  and  effective  visual tone,  the  Fundraising  & Communications Coordinator will be based in Moshi and will report to the Executive Director.

Key roles and responsibilities:
Manage the website by ensuring it is up-to-date with current stories, images and information. Work with other staff to create news stories which promote Mkombozi’s work and provide insight into our progress and development. Develop an integrated external communications strategy that ensures regular updates about Mkombozi’s work are sent to individual donors and supporters via the website, Facebook and other social media sites. Ensure brand consistency throughout Mkombozi communications (local and international, internal and external) which translates support/donation to direct buy in to the organization's vision and mission. Promote Mkombozi via Facebook and social media sites, systematically capture and document individual supporter information from the Mkombozi website and social media spaces. Use this information to build relationships with individual donors and explore how to expand their support to Mkombozi via Friends of Mkombozi networks. Work with and develop networks of overseas volunteers who promote the Friends of Mkombozi charities in the UK and in the USA. Produce communications materials to be used for fundraising and develop a strategy for building the number of supporters and individual donors that regularly give to Mkombozi via the UK and US. Work with the Executive Director to write Fundraising proposals to institutional, corporate and other donors. Supervise staff and / or volunteers working in fundraising and communications. Develop a strategy for increasing the number of individuals, groups and corporate supporters located in Tanzania that regularly give to Mkombozi in Tanzania. Produce communications materials to be used for local fundraising. Work with staff in other teams to assist with the editing, design and production of organisational materials in Kiswahili & English, for example, the community newsletter, the Annual Report, research reports, the annual calendar and business cards. Build a library of photographs that depict all aspects of Mkombozi work, ensuring Mkombozi’s Child Protection and picture use policy is followed and permissions are obtained from all image subjects. Maintain organisational knowledge by taking part in M&E and research activity. Keep abreast of developments in NGO fundraising and communications that could expand Mkombozi’s audience and be a good investment of time and energy for Mkombozi. Perform any other official assignment as requested. Please note that your duties may vary or change situationally to meet the strategic needs of the organization.

Qualifications and experience:
Candidates from varied backgrounds will be considered; however individuals applying for this position should have an understanding of fundraising and the ability to recruit individual donors to support charity work. Applicants must also have high proficiency using publishing / print design software, Word and Excel, as well as demonstrated experience in creative design for a range of mediums, including printed publications, web-based communications and complementary media such as cards and t-shirts. The ability to appreciate / articulate the distinctive ethos of Mkombozi and to work independently and with Tanzanian / foreign staff will be critical to your success.

Minimum qualifications:
A  Masters Degree in any of the following or related   areas:  Journalism, Art & Design, Communications, Marketing, Fundraising. Evidence of post-graduate and on-going professional development to improve skills and knowledge of design technologies, communications methods and fundraising techniques is highly desirable.

Skills and experience:
Proven   track   record in design for printed and  electronic publications  and  promotional materials. Demonstrable   experience of designing and maintaining web hosted information. Successful track record of running fundraising campaigns for charity and recruiting individual and corporate donors.
Successful use of websites  and  online  social media spaces to build regular fundraising support from individuals. Demonstrable  experience writing and  editing articles, reports and  news stories for electronic and  printed  media  aimed  at  a  wide  range of audiences  and  stakeholders, locally in Tanzania and abroad. Use of photography and film equipment and editing software to produce electronic and printed materials with strong visual impact. A flair for design and a keen  eye for detail; particularly when editing and finishing. Ability to strategise independently   and   as part of a  collective decision-making  process. Adaptability   and   sensitivity to the cultural environment. Fluency in English and proficiency in Kiswahili (written and spoken).

Terms and conditions:
Salary and benefits will correspond to Mkombozi's salary structure and employment policy / procedures.     Beginning as soon as possible, positions are full-time offered for a period of 24 months with the first 3 months as a probationary period. Applicants that qualify will be required to undergo   a recruitment process that includes a series of interviews and opportunities to apply and demonstrate skills.

Application Procedure
Send your application   by e-mail   OR post (details below). Please include a resume and cover letter, clearly demonstrating   how you meet the qualifications of this position. Only those who are short-listed will be contacted.
Tanzanian applicants will be prioritised.

P.O. Box 9601,
Moshi, Tanzania
Moshi Office Tel:  (255) 27 2754793  

CLOSING: June 27th, 2014