Head National ICTBB at TTCL

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Job Summary
This position seeks to provide strategic leadership and direction to TTCL with the view to ensure that the company manages and operates the National ICT Backbone on behalf of the Government efficiently and meets expectations and interests of the Government and other stakeholders as per the signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Government.

Closing Date: Monday, July 28, 2014
Reports To:- Chief Executive Officer

1. To ensure TTCL fully complies with the National ICT Backbone management and operations obligations as outlined in the signed Memorandum of Understanding with the Government 
2. To ensure actual customers’ needs and future demand forecasts are established with the view to properly plan capacity requirements, draw sales targets and revenue projections.
3. To ensure strategies for acquisition and retention of the National ICT Backbone customers are developed and implemented with the view to maximize the backbone’s capacity utilization and meet the revenue targets as per the signed Memorandum of Understanding
4. To ensure sales plans and strategies to market the National ICT capacity are developed, disseminated and timely implemented in line with the Government’s interests and other stakeholders’ expectations.
5. To ensure capacity utilization and service level agreements signed with National ICT Backbone customers and other stakeholders are adhered to and properly kept. 
6. To ensure distribution channels for the National ICT Backbone usage are established, operationalize and communicated to all stakeholders.
7. To ensure the National ICT customers are timely and accurately billed and the bills are settled as per the agreed terms prescribed in the Capacity Reference Offer.
8. To ensure the National ICT investment and operational costs across the company in terms of materials and human capital are tracked down properly and recorded as per established terms and guidelines for Accounts Separation. 
9. To build and sustain good relationships with the National ICT Backbone customers and ensure their business issues including faults clearance and billing disputes are timely resolved
10. To ensure existence of performance capabilities within the department and employees are actively involved in continuous learning and development to enable National ICT department meet the current and anticipated human resources performance requirements.
11. To timely report to the Senior Management Team and or the Government the high level National ICT Backbone issues and information that need to be reported to the Government and other stakeholder for attention and or decision. 
12. To practice transparency and sound business culture that fosters TTCL’s corporate values, accountability, and good governance at all levels of National ICT operations.
13. To provide National ICT Backbone inputs worth to be incorporated in TTCL’s corporate planning processes and develop departmental functional plans that support realization of National ICT overall objectives.
14. To be accountable for the performance of employees under the department including setting performance objectives, targets, conducting regular performance reviews and feedbacks, and mentoring to maximize employees’ job satisfaction.
15. To monitor and control costs and expenses and ensure efficient utilization, management and security of resources under the National ICT Backbone department.
16. To implement and exercise delegated authorities and any other instructions and directives as may be issued by Executive Management from time to time.

• A University degree in Sales/Marketing/Business Administration/Telecommunication Engineering/Information Technology or equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution. Post graduate qualifications will be an added advantage
• At least 5 years experience in a senior position in the telecommunication sector.
• Excellent interpersonal, communication, analytical and negotiation skills with clear understanding of the telecom industry especially traffic and sales management.
• Business acumen with the ability to focus on results and provide innovative ideas and solutions• Ability to guide , interface and provide direction to a number of stakeholders
• A strong orientation towards results, with a proven record of performance.
• Ability to develop, motivate and sustain effective team work

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