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To have Effective and efficient management of the Company revenue and receivables accounting system for all services offered by TTCL.
Reports To:- Finance Manager

1. Maintaining complete and time records of the company s revenue from different source –billing system, IN platform, international services revenue, interconnect revenue, and from any source and miscellaneous revenue on the monthly basis.
2. Carry out monthly reconciliation between the prime records and respective accounts receivable balances in the general ledger, and ensure that all reconciling items are adjust appropriately.
3. Liaise with commercial group to ensure that customer account balances are accurate, complete and timely reconciled and communicated to respective customer on the a monthly basis.
4. Carry out an age analysis of accounts receivables invoices and properly communicate to respective operational manager {commercial}of all that debts doubtful of recovery. In addition, ensure adequacy of provisions for bad and doubtful debts for accounting and reporting purposes.
5. Ensure timely processing of finance generated invoices.
6. Ensure interconnect reconciliations are complete timely and signed off by both TTCL commercial authorized officer /finance {as appropriate} and respective mobile /international administrator.
7. Liaise with Treasure Manager prompt payment of amount due to international administrator and mobile operators to avoid service disruptions.
8. Ensure proper and accirate disclosure of revenue and accounts receivable in the financial statement as required by International Financial Reporting Standards {IFRS}.
9. Effective staff management to ensure achievement of pre-agreed objectives.
10. Promote and adhere to the principal of teamwork by participating, sharing responsibility, entangling in open communication, providing mutual support and cooperation with other TTCL staffs.
11. Ensure application of TTCLs Code of Business Conduct in carrying out his b/ her duties.
12. Ensure that proper procedures and control are developed and maintained to provide accurate, complete and timely recording of transaction of the company.
13. Perform any other business tasks as directed by the Finance Manager or other senior official of the Company.

A Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification recognized by the National Board of Accountants and Auditors {NBAA}.
At least {2} years experience in finance activities.
Proficiency in SUN system accounting package and billing system would be an advantage.
Excellent interpersonal and good communication skills.
General of knowledge of personal computers and basics

Closing Date: Monday, December 22, 2014

How To Apply:

The Application precess is done through TTCL Online system,
To start the application process, you are required to register by opening an Account.  by Register your details. 

Click here to Register - Online App TTCL


Financial Accountant:  Click here to apply
   Deadline: (Monday, December 22, 2014)

- Tax Accountant: Click here to apply
   Deadline: (Monday, December 22, 2014)



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