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Uhai Tanzania is a national NGO but growing international one by 2017 and works to end health systems challenges in place. Our specific tasks are to support ending maternal deaths, child deaths, improve health facilities services, livelihood for youth, women, family planning and sexual and reproductive health science education in secondary schools.Currently we are pleased to announce a Special Offer to the graduates-Bachelor degree only who are highly interested and looking to get internship to make them gain job experience and grow fast for either self-job creation or white color jobs in Public and Private formal organizations. This opportunityis for young men and women graduates from tertiary education institutions with First degree only.
Women are highly encouraged to apply.
We have learnt that many youth lack and complain much on lack of job experience. As this is a national crisis, weare highly concerned and responding now inviting any interested candidate and whois at 100% willing to work, at 100% flexible, at 100% self determined to see self results and our organization and community results happening immediately, has 100% self to and from transport and lunch; and at 100% will not call, depend and expect for salary and or any kind of motivation; and at 100% will work at our sites as located and agreed, highly and self-capable to use IC, Watsapp, internet to download, read and attach documents, edit and attached, write concise emails, notes, reports, able to train others, make close follow of logistics and plan interventions needed and as assisted. There will be no to and from located site transport because the candidate hereafter the Intern will be located in closest sites at Ilala Municipal, Temeke Municipal, DSM City Council, KinondoniMunicipal, Dodoma Municipal, Bahi, Kongwa, Kondoa, Tabora Urban Municipal, Kigoma Municipal and councils, Lindi Municipal and councils. Transport for Long Distance to wards and villages and other sites at schools will be provided. And at 100% able to change to learn new thing/art of work.At 100% he/she is not corrupt, observes all Data Quality Assurance [DQA] of our works and partners a well. He/sheMUSTkeenly and highly read this advert and carefully seek advises before applying because there will be no salary, no lunch and no transport allowance or any pensions, accident compensations i.e. rights that full time staff or consultants are entitled for.

If you are the intended one please apply to uhai1tz@gmail.com by 30 May 2015.

Call 0763772881 for any immediate acceptance and questions. Candidates will work from field only and not at office.

Candidates will be given high flexible and well field planned programmetimetable with their supervisors. We expect to raise their high expectation and fast growth because we have excellent demonstration of our best Interns and this training model.

How to apply?
All elements stated in the following paragraph MUST be stated and attached before we select you.

In the subject line write your Name and then title [e.g. Anna Mark-Self Motivated Intern. Find a letter of introduction from your Local Government Street/Mtaa and scan it in PDF format or WORD format [please do not scan in PHOTO Format-if it will be on photoformat or other formats it will not be considered], and send it together with a one page letter[signed by a lawyer], one page of intent of this post. In your letter write and commit yourself and take your application [with full documents] to a Legal Officer /Commissioner for Oath to sign it [your application letter and Mtaa introduction letter].State in the letter that you will not claim any payment, salary or motivation, lunch or transport, health insurance or compensation of loss of your property during field work and all rights that fulltime and consultants enjoy. This must be clearly stated and underlined to show that you are aware and well infirmed on this advert and what you are writing. And also bring letters of your referees who MUSTalso state if they will cover all those costs. These referees’ letters-a parent/guardian-and if your married your husband or wife must state so as refer, and legally signed and copies taken to the your Local government. We will make follow at your Local government if you filed the documents there.

Also indicate the telephone number of the Local government Chairman/woman- and NOT WEO or MEO. Benefits are Certificates and field supervisions. But field supervision will depend of our resources in place hence not reliable. Certificates, letter of reference, training to write nice and marketable CV, links, preparation for interviews, will be given at the end [immediate if decides to end stopat least one month or a week] of the Internship that is 3 months and renewed to 6 months only. First priority will be given for those whowill state openly to serve for full term 3 months or 6 months.

We are an equality opportunity employer.

Women are highly encouraged to apply. Women in science fields are highly encouraged to apply, and women in sociology fields a swell. Many field sites are in place. We will support you. How can help you? We are here to serve. We are here to help. We are here for your nationals’ resources capacity building under PPP leadership. For any questions on critical challenges start and our new sites call 0763772881.

When calling please make a reference of this advert only.

Please call from 0800-0500 only Monday to Saturday at 1100.

Note: Get well prepared for English language Interview and body language as well.
We will visit your home. Mtaa local government and friends as well for our background track record.



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