Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Graduates Entrepreneurship Project

Entrepreneurship agents such as Creative Minds are well versed in the complete process of involving people to participate in entrepreneurship projects and are the best way to go in the 21st Century.

The trend for participation in entrepreneurship projects in this country and the world at large has never been stronger and has also never seen so much support from entrepreneurship associations.

We are seeking highly ambitious graduates to participate in our Graduates Entrepreneurship Project (GEP) designed to run across the country.

Fresh and experienced graduates in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Public relations and similar qualifications are invited to apply.

How To Apply:

Apply by sending your Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the email: Wealth.skills@gmail.com;
Or Jiduma.luhende@gmail.com

Our offices are at Cardinal Rugambwa Social Centre, Oysterbay – Dar es Salaam

Deadline: 17th July 2015