Friday, July 03, 2015

PA/ Secretary/ Administrator

Position: PA/ Secretary/ Administrator.

Administrative assistants are support professionals who provide a variety of services to an office in terms of administrative work. From the very small to the biggest detail, an administrative assistant manages everything that can impact an office, usually the first point of contact for customers and visitors which is why s/he must be well trained in customer services before anything else. should be well versed in picking up telephones, providing information, managing correspondence, receiving and disseminating information and packages, computer literacy, scheduling appointments and maintaining executive calendars. There are many requirements and expectations on the employers’ side when hiring someone for this position as running a smooth office is a basic necessity of any organization.

How To Apply:
Interested and serious candidates can send their resumes to,

mentioning also 2 contacts of their referees (past employers or colleagues, family members will not be counted as referees.

NB: Only Tanzanian Citizens will be considered for this position.