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Terms of Reference
Conduct functional and needs assessment for all PWDs, chronically ill clients and mentally ill cases  in Nyarugusu camp. Kasulu Tanzania

1.    Background and Rationale
Since January 2010 the IRC has led the implementation of  community service and protection  programs in Nyarugusu Camp, including Gender-Based Violence (GBV) prevention and response, child protection, Youth and Development (CYPD), Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR), and care for Persons with Specific Needs (PSN), with an emphasis on enhancing quality, coordinated case management, strengthening community-based protection mechanisms, supporting participatory prevention strategy, and ensuring individual needs are identified and addressed. In January 2014, the IRC also assumed responsibility of running education sector in the camp.
Nyarugusu camp is home to nearly 65000 refugees, mainly Congolese and few Burundians. The GBV program is designed to ensure women and girls are better protected and empowered to access opportunities, services, and support responsive to their needs.  A key element of IRC’s GBV programming is the provision of survivor centred comprehensive case management including psychosocial support to GBV survivors who access services.  Currently in Kasulu, the IRC has a team of 61 national staff,5 International staff,25 GBV refugee staff and over 100 refugee staff from other sectors. Given the complex and demanding nature of humanitarian work, there is a need to ensure humanitarian workers receive adequate support to manage their secondary trauma that result from interacting with people with traumatic past.

2.    Objective
To identify and conduct functional assessment  of  cases with disabilities, actual functional needs of PWDs, number of PWDs, monitor their progress and update disabled statistics to allow proper  planning for medical rehabilitation services and support   in relation to the actual functional needs , conditions and case load in the new  and old population

·    8,000+ PSNs/PWDs   or 100 % of these cases including persons with chronic disorders which may result into disabilities will be assessed and their actual functional needs identified.
·    Strategies set to assist PWDs/PSNs  as per their actual needs.
·    PWDs/PSN with complicated deformities identified, registered and plans made in relation to referral services and guidance.
3.    % ntage of children with disabilities with special needs identified and the needs shared with other sectors accordingly for further intervention such as integration into different community activities
·    Submit a report within 2 weeks of completing the assignment
4.    Timeframe; 20 working days (includes arrival and departure dates; October 14th  – November 4th  ,2015

5.    TARGET GROUP: all People with different disabilities, functional impairments and people with chronic illnesses that may   result into disabilities or closely related to functional inabilities in Nyarugusu camp ( new and old  populations).
6.    Location; Nyarugusu Refugee camp. Facilitator(s) will need to travel to Nyarugusu camp and return to Kasulu town everyday

7.    Capacities needed (Facilitator) are as follows:
i.    Senior Physiotherapist (05)
ii.    Orthopaedic technician (02)
iii.    Audiologist (01)

8.    Requirements
§    Diploma or degree in the following medical rehabilitation field ( in Physiotherapy,  in Orthopaedic Technology and  Audiology ) on in  relevant medical rehabilitation.
§    5 years experience  the disability  field in the referral hospitals and disability centers 
§    Excellent spoken and written English and in Kiswahili
§    Experience in a refugee-setting, preferred
§    Knowledge in Kirundi or French will be an additional advantage.

Note; All applications should be submitted no later than October 13th; 2015.

Application letter must explain how the individual(s) plans to undertake the key tasks outlined under the consultant’s responsibilities and tasks. Applications should be addressed to the following address; Subira.lendaiga@rescue.org and Joel.Bitwale@rescue.org

List of documents to be submitted:
§    Application letter
§    Resume/CV
§    Copy of Individual tax certificate
§    Work plan
§    Proforma invoice/ Quotation
§    Copy of Certificate of accreditation, if an institution or academic certificates from accredited universities.



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