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At Ubongo, we entertain kids in Africa to learn and love learning. Our interactive edu-cartoons are watched by over a million families in East Africa, and we’re expanding fast! We produce the hit TV edu-cartoon Ubongo Kids, which teaches math and science through fun, animated stories and catchy original songs. Viewers can interact with the show from basic mobile phones, answering questions while they watch and getting encouragement from their favorite cartoon characters.

We are looking for a full time Data Analyst who will be responsible to manage, interpret and analyze data received from information gathered from the pilot data sources. Will work in rural Tanzania with regular work in Dar es Salaam office. The Data analyst will use the data to identify problem/s and develop solutions, use the information to see the impact on the pilot project. The pilot project seeks to develop a sustainable and scalable model for children’s fun learning clubs (Ubongo Kids Clubs), which will meet to watch localized educational cartoons, and engage in other educational activities, in rural communities in Tanzania. The candidate must have extensive experience  in data interpretation and presentation. The job will be for 7 months period.

Other Duties
A data analyst will train project team in new procedures or protocols; assist with the installation, operation and maintenance of new technologies. A data analyst to monitor and offer assistance during any such changes, also require data analysts to provide general computer or non-related support. For example, a data analyst might provide basic tech support when not working on a project; a or help update company’s website.

Roles  and Responsibilities of Data Analyst
●    Data analyst is responsible for wholesome review, Interpret, analysis of collected data using different tools, statistical techniques such as PMLT, MS Excel and data management systems to provide accurate & reliable reports to the company.
●    A data analyst acquires data from internal data sources and external data sources; build a system to maintain databases/data systems.
●    A Data analyst must develop a healthy data collection systems & sound strategies for getting quality data from different sources to use it to right place efficiently.
●    Data analyst also liable for preparing presentations, conducting research and maintaing quality of database systems.
●    Data analyst assists in database administration, design, security also timely maintenance of database as well.
●    Data analyst responsible for preparing various statistical reports on operational performance on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
●    Preparing drafts and develops standards for different reports on data management systems.
●    Data analyst should interact individually with project team to identify their information and research needs.
●    Data analyst assists and provides counseling and advice to the clients in determination of suitable analytical methodology to their project & achieving the project objectives.
●    Data analyst also monitors, train and giving direction on the work of lower-level staff.
●    Coordinate with Community Engagement Manager, Research Assistant  and Field Intern and provide support to all data analysis.
●    Perform data analysis on all results and prepare presentations for clients.
●    Perform audit on data and resolve business related issues for customer base.
●    Coordinate with Monitoring & Evaluation Manager and Community Engagement Manager and ensure accuracy on all deliverables and prepare summaries.
●    Perform data analysis and facilitate in delivery to all end users.
●    Administer all data and provide pilot study metrics.
●    Supervise process management tools and ensure compliance to all cycle guidelines.
●    Maintain and escalate issues to lead analyst if required.
●    Data analyst must perform other related duties as assigned by different departments of the company.
●    Train project team in new procedures or protocols; monitor and offer assistance during any such changes, also require data analysts to provide general a or help update company’s website.

Data Analyst Qualification
If you are looking for Data Analyst job you must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in the field of Statistics / Mathematics/ Marketing/ Economics, or Business Administration or you may be Computer Science background candidate or any subject from a recognize university related to data analyst job profile.

Data Analyst Skills:
●    Data analyst should be versatile and have decent experience of collection and analysis data, both narrative and statistically.
■    Analytical Skills: Data analysts work with large amounts of data: facts, figures, and number crunching. You will need to see through the data and analyze it to find conclusions.
■    Communication Skills: Data analysts are often called to present their findings, or translate the data into an understandable document. You will need to write and speak clearly, easily communicating complex ideas.
■    Critical Thinking: Data analysts must look at the numbers, trends, and data and come to new conclusions based on the findings.
■    Attention to Detail: Data is precise. Data analysts have to make sure they are vigilant in their analysis to come to correct conclusions.
■    Math Skills: Data analysts need math skills to estimate numerical data.
■    Data analyst must have ability to explain things in front of technical/non-technical persons.
●    Data analyst should have ability to work alone and also within a team.
●    Data analyst must have project management skills considering all the aspects of planning, organizing and coordinating the project with stakeholders.

•Competitive base fees 
• Flex-time work hours
• You get to watch cartoons at work ;-)

To apply for this position, please fill out the form at: http://ubongo.co.tz/jobs

Or on Google Forms at: http://goo.gl/forms/IoX1NmXgwK

Application Deadline: 30th October 2015



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