Preventive Maintenance Supervisor/ Officer

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Job Opening for a Preventive Maintenance Supervisor/ Officer (Telecommunication Company).

1. Manages overall the preventive and corrective maintenance of network elements in his domain.
2. Plans Preventive & Corrective maintenance according to network elements & contract requirements & contract, implements, monitors, controls and follows up with issues found till closure.
3. Communicates & explains plan to related teams or persons & dispatches teams according to the schedule.
4. Makes sure of execution of tasks according to schedule, update schedule in case of any deviation.
5. Collects preventive data from field, makes sure field technicians perform jobs according to agreed procedure and intimate supervisor for any issue.
6. Ability to analyze Preventative Maintenance data and update program based on this data.
7. Creates reports based on data received from field as per guideline & recommends action plans.
8. Ability to analyze equipment manuals and translate that data into meaningful Preventative Maintenance schedules.
9. Ability to train all preventative maintenance personnel in their job duties.
10. Supervises all works related to his/her assigned project(s) and ensures that they are executed in accordance with client’s requirement and contract.
11. Validates reports from field e.g Visits regularly cell sites to validate and ensures that the Field Technicians are executing their assigned work according to quality and standard.
12. Maintain inventory of network, updates in case of any change.
13. Analyzes resources requirements and gives recommendation to the MS manager accordingly. Resources include but not limited to Human, tools, equipment & transportation.
14. Responds on timely basis to all communications within and outside the organization.
15. Responsible for the acceptance of new sites, assigning to teams & informing to all relevant people.
16. Ensures proper communication with the client and within organization in form of mails, meetings, calls, reports etc.
17. Demonstrates the ability to think critically and proactively, anticipates risks and prepares solutions in advance.
18. Reports and investigates any incident (Fuel theft, etc) according to process.
19. Supports the MS Manager in reconciliation of data, controlling cost and receiving payments from client.
20. Ensures all documentation and reports are created and shared within i engineering and client on time.
21. Coordinates within i engineering and with client at all level for performing his/her duties.
22. Coaches and develops teams assigned to him/her.

1. Ensures that all OH&S/QMS procedures are daily monitored and followed.
2. Be responsible for the application, compliance and regular updating of the security plan in place both by the local team as by visitors.
1. Ensures visitors receive a proper security and context briefing and monitor the security adherence.
2. Provides the general coordination with security-related feedback and systematically reports in writing any security incident involving the teams
3. Follows all policies and procedures for monitoring, testing product availability, and incident management.
4. Implements and follows policies and procedures regarding how problems are identified, received, documented, distributed, and corrected.
5. Proactively reviews processes, documentation and procedures to keep updated on operational activities.
6. Prepares and distributes a variety of reports as requested by Manager or Head.
7. Ensures that adequate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is used by both i engineering teams and Subcontractors.
8. Inspects all PPE prior to its use.
9. Ensures a proper usage of PPE.
10. Requests for the replacement of PPE’s when required.
11. Investigates accidents, incidents, and hazards and implements the necessary corrective and preventive actions to mitigate incidents, accidents and hazards.
12. Ensures that all placards are clear, clean and well maintained.
13. Provides training to enhance the OHSAS knowledge and competence.
14. Conducts emergency preparedness drills on a regular basis.
15. Conducts regular site inspections.
16. Checks, inspects and reports hazards to Manager.
17. Identifies existing and potential hazards.
18. Monitors hazard controls (PPE, engineering controls, policies, procedures)
19. Recommends corrective actions.

More than 3 years Technical experience in field•
Or More than 3 year managerial experience in similar job•
Familiar with MS office, communication tools like emails•

Minimum H.N.D in Technical Field•
Serious and interested candidates can send their resumes to ruqaiyya@shugulika.com ,

any inquiries please contact +255789234050.



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