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At Ubongo, we entertain kids in Africa to learn and love learning. Our interactive educartoons are watched by over a million families in East Africa, and we’re expanding fast! We produce the hit TV educartoon Ubongo Kids, which teaches math and science through fun, animated stories and catchy original songs. Viewers can interact with the show from basic mobile phones, answering questions while they watch and getting encouragement from their favorite cartoon characters.

We are looking for a full time Research Assistant who will be assigned to collect and evaluate research data in rural Tanzania with regular work in Dar es Salaam office. The pilot project seeks to develop a sustainable and scalable model for children’s fun learning clubs (Ubongo Kids Clubs), which will meet to watch localized educational cartoons, and engage in other educational activities, in rural communities in Tanzania. The candidate must have extensive experience in data collection, management, analysis and writing comprehensive report to decision makers using tools that can help those involved easily digest the data, such as statistics, graphs, images and lists,

Roles and Responsibilities of Research Assistant
● Develop research protocol
● Validate quality of data elements/data editing
● Develop and administer baseline, midway and post tests with collaboration with M&E Manager and Senior Management Team
● Conduct baseline, midway and endline surveys and questionnaires
● Provide research support
● Diagnose and problem solve as it relates to the research project
● Conduct user testing and screening of program materials
● Conduct literature searches
● Tabulate research data
● Record and report results
● Develop surveys, questionnaires, or tests
● Develop and maintain research databases
● Prepare data and information for projects using the appropriate software.
● Assist in conducting research including data collection and compilation.
● Perform other duties as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications required
● Self-motivation and a high level of responsibility to complete tasks in a timely manner and make significant progress without direct supervision.
● Strong verbal and written communication skills
● Developed research skills
● Ability to learn new software and research techniques as needed.
● Flexibility in adjusting to new work related requirements as they arise.
● Strong computer skills especially with Microsoft Office, internet, and electronic media.
● Bachelor Degree require
● Strong research and analytical skill
● Experience performing surveys or user testing

•Competitive base salary 

• Flex-time work hours 
• You get to watch cartoons at work ;-)

To apply for this position, please fill out the form at: http://ubongo.co.tz/jobs

Or on Google Forms at: http://goo.gl/forms/IoX1NmXgwK

Application Deadline: 30th October 2015



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