Software General Manager

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Position: Software General Manager 

1. Open minded and mentally flexible and perceptive
2. He/she is aware and has knowledge of the meaningful passion to always learn and research
3. Has a sense of initiative and presence of taking charge
4. Not timid
5. Not having a life philosophy not based on learning
6. Posses creativity
7. Being with calculated optimism
8. Ongoing focus
9. Has  proactive nature and initiative motivation
10. Can control emotional and is intelligent and not lacking the ability to manage one’s own thinking and emotions.
11. Has calculated persistence
12. Being able to formulate and have a sound vision
13. Not dismissive of, unappreciative of and inattentive to the details
14. Should be honest, integrity and dependable
15. Has strategic thinking
16. Not lazy and lethargic
17. He/She is able to prioritize
18. Should be self motivated.
19. Has interpersonal knowledge and communications building skills

Ongoing activities
1. Market and Industry knowledge and foresight
a. Maintain much knowledge of the local and global market and industry; know and analyze their trends, demands, supplies, financial performance, commercial performance and developments.
b. Foresee upcoming requirements/demands and have a passion, plan and execution to meet some

2. Administration and Operations
a. Commit to development and documentation of responsibilities, policies and procedures across all areas functions of management
b. Develop and maintain team job descriptions
c. Commit to, and develop, excellent planning
d. Commit to and develop, both, excellent controllership and monitoring
e. Call (and participate in) ad hoc and regular meetings when required and follow best meeting practices.
f. Commit to and maintain leadership, direction and positive influence
g. Commit to and maintain excellent reporting practices and meeting requirements as and when required: e.g. daily activity reports of key team members such as daily Support report, Sales activities report, daily Administrators activities report, etc. 
h. Participate in annual business planning and meeting with the board and in the periodic reviews.
i. Be prepared for all meetings and contribute, drive and develop agenda items before and during the meetings.
j. Participate and lead in monthly group sales meetings
k. Maintain excellent internal and external communication and organize to enhance the same.
l. Not allow anything to fall through the gaps and at least note and monitor tasks that cannot be immediately achieved but must be at some point.
m. Involve, and team with, CEO and CFO as much as required; when unsure, better to engage and involve rather than not when there is even a slight prospect of better achievement by involving and engaging.

3. Human Resource Management
a. Have a positive, developmental and productive influence (by management/leadership, or any other ethical means) of the whole organization; i.e. subordinates, peers and above.
b. Maintain excellent recruitment practices
c. Manage, lead and monitor team performance
d. Perform the annual appraisal and document as required.
e. Ensure team members train themselves and, when required, are sent for training to be competent enough to achieve our vision.

4. Financial and Asset Management
a. Manage the Companies tangible and intangible assets by knowing them, optimizing their use to bring the highest level of benefit and develop the same and more assets as needed.
b. Ensure timely follow up and collection of Accounts Receivables
c. Optimize cash flow
d. Find sources of capital in various ways.
e. Think and act from knowledge of the fact that sources of capital such as VC firms, banks, etc. primarily, and quite simply, look at two key aspects of any prospective investment: 
i. Excellent managerial competence and experience of the team
ii. Excellent prospect of meeting a real need and business performance
Thus, ensure that these two simple qualities, but not necessarily easy, are always driven towards and enduring with relentless passion and insight. 

5. Business development and Marketing Management
a. Have, manage and develop sales activities and skills
b. Have, manage and develop advertising activities
c. Have, manage and develop customer retention
d. Have, manage and develop existing and new products
e. Have, manage and develop customer base and channel partners
f. Have, manage and develop innovation and inventions
g. Get involved in personal selling 

6. Technical (and technical projects) Management
a. Knowledge of technologies in the industry and their strengths and weaknesses
b. Ensure and monitor best technical practices
c. Meeting client SLA requirements
d. Introduce new technologies to increase competitive edge and advantage.
e. Manage team knowledge goals, innovation and invention.
f. Have, manage and develop excellent project scoping skills and practices. 

7. Legal compliance management
a. Be knowledgeable about the laws and regulatory environment regarding the rights and responsibilities in all the areas required.
b. Think and act from the understanding that laws are not always perfect and can even undermine justice.
c. Think and act from the understanding that government entities and business alike, many a times, do not follow the laws and can be in breach of them and can fall short fulfilling their responsibilities towards other entities.
d. Assess existing and new legal (acts and regulations) requirements and comply or push for change where required.

8. Personal and team managerial and leadership knowledge and experiential development
a. Know principles of management and apply them: e.g. unity of command; delegation; authority, accountability and responsibility; organization; unity of direction; subordination of individual interests to general interests; transparency and candidness; motivation; discipline; controlled flexibility; culture; balance of formal and informal organization; etc.
b. Create and drive an ongoing sense of urgency, responsibility, self-management and maturity in the team along with inventiveness and innovation.
c. Drive the team to be analytical, critical and logical.
d. Be an example of leadership and management, lead from the front, and be a reminder of the adage that many a times, success lies in the conceptually simple things/determinations done with persistent focus and dedication by realizing their impact which gives meaning and value to necessary routine and new activities; thus Simplicity is not synonymous with Easy and thus it is a combination of intellect/intelligence and physical effort that lead to achievement; i.e. conceptualizing the architecture is not the same as building it and both have their place most definitely and appreciatively.
e. Invent an organization that, eventually, is a “Built to Last” corporation  for at least a century to come (ref: Built to last by Jim Collins)
f. Research and apply management knowledge from the academic perspective in theory and as it is applied in practice by top entrepreneurs, managers and consultants; e.g. Harold Koontz, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Ram Charan, etc.

9. Networking
a. Understand and apply, as a person and a team, the philosophy that Networking is like reading a newspaper; i.e. much knowledge can be obtained simply by networking
b. Build relationships with internal and external stakeholder and industry participants without compromising the qualities mentioned above.
c. Ensure involvement with networking bodies/chapters and events, such as BNI and others.

10. Business development and Partnerships
a. To know and act upon the understanding that along with being the first mover in different areas, benefit can be derived from useful partnerships.
b. Be aware of existing and new entrants in the market across the verticals and across related industries where synergies can, and tend to, exist and note all the possible benefits that can be derived from one or more of such relationships and make decisions to proceed with or without them having weighed or managed their value and where required, provide quantitative and qualitative assessments in terms of business plans/analyses (including financial assessment) as comprehensively and concisely as possible.
c. Ensure that partnerships are compliant with, and have a vision of, high service/quality standards with regards to various representative parameters such as speed of customer support response, quality of technological solution, speed of fault correction and maintenance, etc.
d. Meet product demands locally and internationally.
e. Work with organizations like TISPA.

1. Part of the board
2. Reports to the CEO
3. Peer to rest of the board members and can review, cross examine and monitor their activities and give feedback and vice versa, i.e. accept feedback and critique.

1. Degree in Computer Science and Electronics/Computer Science; less preferably, a Degree in IT.
2. Knowledge of C; C++; Java; Platform independent development; Web Application design; MVC/MVP; HTML; Java Script; Relational Databases; Web Server technologies; Systems Security; Mobile technologies; OWASP; PCI DSS; SOLID and DRY principles of OO design; Enterprise Application architecture, development and testing (unit, automated, stress and performance), Management by objectives.
3. Record of outstanding success at one or more organizations that prize innovation, development, collaboration, customer service, and sales results.
4. Minimum of 5 years of management/ leadership experience in a software development organization.
5. Must have at least 7 years experience working through the design, development, deployment, release cycle, quality assurance and delivering software products to market.
6. A record of successful delivery of software applications as an individual, team leader and/or  development manager 
7. Strong understanding of the software development cycle 
8. Strong leadership, project management, time management, and problem solving skills
9. Experience with managing the development of SaaS and cloud-based applications 
10. High command of verbal and written English. Additional knowledge of Swahili is an asset.

UPON MEETING THE ABOVE REQUIREMENT PLEASE FORWARD YOUR CV (in word document) TO EMAIL: excelmanagement2014@gmail.com AND info@excel.co.tz 

Please ensure that you mention www.jobstanzania.net as the source of this job advertisement when applying for this position.



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