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We, LOGISA, are happy to announce a job opening. It is not a 40-hour, regular job but more like an extra job.

Company information
LOGISA is a unique online platform that combines social collaboration and supply chain optimization. In LOGISA professionals in transport & logistics in East Africa can meet and share information and content.

It is also a platform where you can send out transport requests, quote, book and deliver with full track & trace functionality.

More information can be found on http://www.logisa.org and/or on https://community.logisa.org/landing-page

Job description

  1. For our Community Platform we are looking for individuals who want to join our Blog Team. 
  2. The purpose of this team is to create content about logistics, supply chain, trade, infrastructure etc. in the EAC. 
  3. We are looking for those who are passionate about our sector, or who are willing to learn. People, most of all, have to love writing, 
  4. sharing and creating and are not afraid to share their opinion. Articles or blogs do not necessarily have to be about research, it could also be
  5. latests news, legislation, daily jobs/activities etc. You will be paid at the end of the month, depending on type of content produced. 

This job is an excellent job for students in our sector looking to earn that bit of extra income.
And because with this job, you can decide upon your own hours!

So, are you fluent in English, willing to learn or already passionate about our sector and in love with writing, sharing, creating?

Then contact us via email: - community@logisa.org for more information!



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