Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Principal Teacher


We have a vacancy for a competent and experienced Principal Teacher.  We provide high quality daycare and preschool education and seek applications from individuals with proven strong leadership experience and skills.  Ideally, the individual should have higher qualifications in Early Childhood education, experience with early years curriculum development and improvements as well as working with partners while confidently undertaking responsibilities assigned by the school board.
The individual should be visionary and principled to take our school community to the next level.  The successful candidate will lead with strength and confidence and be able to influence the outcomes and school opportunities. The individual should share our enthusiasm for nurturing lifelong confident and independent learners. The successful candidate should be able to exercise good leadership, mentoring and support our young and enthusiastic early years educators.  We are in the process of expanding into the provision of Primary education services, hence, the applicant should be in tune with our vision, enthusiastic about our future prospects and eager to learn and share experiences.

In return we can offer you:

  • A competent, supportive and highly committed team 
  • An active, strategic, challenging and supportive governing structure  
  • Loving children eager to learn
  • Commitment to fully support your development and settlement as well as integration into our community
  • Well-resourced classrooms and attractive modern facility purpose built to enhance learning 
  • Competitive remuneration 
As a school, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our children perform well both academically and socially.  We focus on building their literacy and numeracy capacity while also enriching their curriculum with afterschool care and out of school activities.  Our learning facility and environment is secure and conducive for learning.  We are proud of our ethos and core values building on; integrity, respect, creativity, diversity, teamwork and compliance.  Our reputation within the community and peers is exemplary.  Our children, staff and families exude friendship, collaboration and a sense of belonging.

 How To Apply:

Send your cv throw info@pes.co.tz