Legal and Regulatory Manager

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Smile Communications is looking for an energetic and experienced Legal and Regulatory Manager under direction of the Country Manager to manage legal and regulatory compliance of the company. The successful candidate will have experience in drafting and reviewing NDAs, vendor and supplier agreements, managing governmental inquiries (TCRA) and managing outside counsel.

Minimum Requirements

  • Degree in Law
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a similar role with minimum 2 years’ experience in dealing with TCRA.

Main Responsibilities
  • Providing analysis and counsel on legal issues to all departments in the Company;
  • Ensuring compliance of the Company on all national laws, regulations and licences;
  • Anticipating and guarding against legal risks facing the Company and mitigating existing risks effectively;
  • Developing and recommending Company policy and position on legal and regulatory issues;
  • Conducting and co-ordinating research into a variety of legal and regulatory issues;
  • Providing support in the discharge of Company Secretarial duties;
  • Co-ordinating interfaces and developing and maintaining excellent working relationships with Interconnect Partners and Carriers in the market;
  • Co-ordinating and managing all legal, regulatory and commercial aspects of infrastructure sharing and all related transactions;
  • Liaising with the Regulator and providing support as necessary to the Technical Department in the management of Spectrum matters, Quality of Service, Standards, Numbering and other technical matters as may arise;
  • Providing support to Marketing and Sales and Distribution Departments in determining any market-related issues that require legal and/or regulatory intervention.
  • Determining and co-ordinating any interventions effects from the Regulator. 
  • Providing support and managing the interface with the Regulator and other operators  on all market-related matters;
  • Co-ordinating and providing support in any industry efforts to influence matters that effect the industry, including but not limited to termination rates, spectrum pricing and other regulatory matters;
  • Coordinating and ensuring the submission of accurate and timely report to TCC in accordance with prevailing licence obligations;
  • Co-ordinating and managing interface with Government agencies whose mandate impact the operation of Smile;
  • Coordinate and managing interface with Parliament and sub-ordinate committees on ICT, Finance and Social Services and providing authoritative and information positions on matters that impact Smile’s operations in Tanzania.
  • Coordinate and providing support to industry efforts to lobby Government Ministries to formulate policy that will positively influence Smile’s operating environment;
  • Coordinate and providing support to the Company in the management and discharge of obligations under the National Environment Management Act;

 How To Apply:

Applicants to a submit a comprehensive CV to - natalie.kwong@smilecoms.com

The deadline is 31 March 2017.



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