Monday, June 26, 2017

Country Representative Consultant Positions

HowToUse: Country Representative Consultant Positions:
Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, DRC, Mozambique, Tanzania (AKA is looking for country representatives to work in the following countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, and Tanzania. The consultant will work to create local partnerships with key influencers and stakeholders in the health care and advocacy realm (e.g. pharmacists, doctors, nurses, midwives, activists, etc.); curate an up-to-date country profile that reflects the country’s current medical abortion legislation, access, and support networks; and help in translational services for regional social media campaigns.

Terms of Reference (ToR)
1. Background is an online community that believes every woman, regardless of where she lives, deserves access to a safe abortion. Founded in 2015, we work to dispel misconceptions and share accurate, reliable information about medical abortion. Our website is direct, easy to understand, and translated into 22 languages. In addition to launching this website, we’ve built a proxy server ( in order to help women connect with abortion information in areas where abortion access is restricted.

2. The Job
Research and understand existing resources women currently rely on for reproductive health information and abortion services. Help us to identify areas of greatest need;
Identify potential partners (e.g. individuals or organizations) who share our mission to improve access to safe abortion;
Explore and define ways to collaborate with local resources or key influencers in order to encourage website promotion through the distribution of print materials or other methods;
Arrange and monitor the usage of promotional materials by key influencers;
Communicate regularly with our Communications and Partnership Coordinator about strategy and progress. This includes sharing partner contact information and potential collaboration opportunities;
Propose region-specific tactics that would help further the HowToUse mission;
Create a country profile that captures current abortion legislation, access, and support networks in-country;
Organize and facilitate local meetings with identified partners or stakeholders;
Help translate social media campaigns into regional languages.

3. Deliverables
List of all potential partner contacts in detail (contact list template will be provided)
Country profile document that can be uploaded to our website (template will be provided)
Introduce HTU/PS to all selected players and build mutually beneficial collaboration
Suggest content and effective types of promotional materials given our outreach strategy and country context
Distribute promotional material to targeted influencers and monitor usage and results
Help organize and facilitate local meetings as determined by the HowToUse team.
Help translate social media campaigns
Identify potential bilingual (English and another language) individuals to be part of a client support team that advises women globally on safe abortion and reproductive issues through email and live chat

4. Qualifications
University degree in communications, marketing, advertising, public health, or any related field combined with relevant work experience;
Previous experience working in global health, women’s health/rights, or social justice;
Fluent in English and second regional language;
You must have independent access to a computer and internet.

5. Term
This Terms of Reference is effective from July 1 2017 or any other date agreed in writing by both parties and should last until December 31st, 2017.
This agreement can be extended upon prior and written agreement by both parties.

6. Consultancy Fee
The consultancy fee involves the consultant fixed fees and any work-related expenses, if pre-approved by the supervisor or Executive Director.  This is a limited contract position and compensation will be commensurate with professional experience.

7. Benchmarks
The efficacy of this role can be measured in two ways:
Through a care measure of both reliable contacts gathered and promotional information distributed;
Through the careful monitoring of region-specific analytics at the end of the consultancy contract

8. Application Process invites interested applicants to submit their expression of interest covering the points outlined in the ToRs and accompanied by the following application documents:
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Letter of Motivation outlining how your experience, skills, qualifications and professional networks fit with the required deliverables (100 words minimum)

Please submit your expression of interest to and with the subject line “Country Representative- (Your Country)” by July 7th, 2017