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Laboratory Data Officer - 4 Posts

HJFMRI or locally known as “Walter Reed Program-Tanzania” is a United States of America
federally funded program which supports PEPFAR activities in the Republic of Tanzania, The HJFMRI program, in collaboration with the MoHCDGEC and community NGOs, has been leading a comprehensive HIV and AIDS care and support program in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania since 2004, The program, which is sub-contracting with Regional Health Management Teams (RHMTs) and 14 community outreach partners, extends to 25 district councils-in Mbeya, Songwe, Rukwa, Katavi and Ruvuma Regions, Collectively, this zone, which has one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in Tanzania, represents a catchment area with close to 6 million people (13% of the population of Tanzania mainland), Despite remarkable achievements made over the past 10 years, the expansion of HIV care and treatment interventions still remains critical both at the facility as well as the community level.

Job Vacancy: Laboratory Data Officer -  4 Posts

Reports to: Laboratory Director & Research Director
Location: Mbeya

Position Overview:
This position supports the rollout of Viral Load Testing and Early Infant Diagnosis Laboratory activities in the WRP HJFMRI Southern Highlands Program. Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) of HIV in HIV-exposed infants is key in detection of vertical transmission early enough and initiating treatment for those who are diagnosed to be positive so as to improve their survival outcomes. Viral load testing has now become a routine test of care for HIV-infected children and adults who are on antiretroviral therapy. All the data that is generated from EID and viral load testing has to be accurately captured and recorded to account for all tests done in the WRP HJFMRI Southern Highlands Program. Additionally, analyses of tests done for PEPFAR reporting have to be done accurately, succinctly and within the required timelines. The Program is seeking to fill the position of Laboratory Data Manager in order to support the collection, analysis and reporting of EID, viral load and other data generated by the Laboratories that WRP!HJFMRI supports in the southern highlands of Tanzania.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
• The candidate will be responsible of the following duties:
• Directly supervise the entire Laboratory data generation, capture and reporting process for Viral load, EID and other related activities including but not limited to;
• Reception and registration of all viral load and EID samples received into appropriate logbooks and the Laboratory Information System (DISA) at the health facility.
• Verification of patient data by reviewing, correcting, deleting, or reentering data as required ensuring data completeness and accuracy.
• Compiling weekly, monthly and quarterly reports for EID and VL tests done at the health facility.
• Maintaining data entry records of all tests done as required both in hard and
• soft copies.
• Dispatching EID and VL results from the testing laboratory to the health facility on a daily basis.
• Securing all data records through weekly and monthly backups.
• Developing and maintaining systems for data quality assessments and quality assurance at laboratory and health facility level.
• Assist in establishing and maintaining an effective and efficient record management system at the health facility and laboratory level.
• Work closely with the IT and Strategic Information (SI) Departments to ensure that databases are continuously up to date, functioning and effectively used according to the required standards.
• Other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Qualification:
• The suitable candidate should have
• A bachelor degree in statistics or related data management courses.
• Capable in the analysis of data generated from laboratory assays.
• Good understanding of laboratory data reporting procedures as required by PEPFAR.
• Ability to compile and analyze data for report preparation.
• Conversant and proficient in the use of Computational software.
• Demonstrate a good understating of laboratory Data generation Standard
• Operating Procedures development and utilization.

Interpersonal Skills
• Good organizational and analytical skills
• Good coordination skills and ability to work in a team.
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• High degree of commitment
• Willing to work independently in a multidisciplinary team.
• Ability to maintain records and inventories with minimum supervision.

Walter Reed Program is seeking qualified candidate to fill the position below. Cover letters and resumes should be mailed by postal/EMS/DHL/any Courier to the Human Resources Manager, P,O. Box 6396, Mbeya or sent by email to; recrultment@wrp-t.org 

NOTE: to be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB In the SUBJECT LINE, avoid soliciting any member of the organization. Hand delivery application will not be accepted. 

Deadline for submission of the application is 31st July, 2017.

Those who do not meet the minimum requirements as detailed below should not submit applications.