Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Investment

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Looking for a Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

On behalf of our client, we seek to recruit a highly competent, motivated and professional individual to fill the position of Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Investment (CSI).

Overall Job Purpose:
Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Corporate Affairs, Communications and Corporate Social Investment (CSI) will be responsible for managing the external and internal communications, promote a positive public image and control the dissemination of information on company’s behalf. These will include cultivating good relationships with government and public stakeholders, internal stakeholders, media and engage target audience as and when required.

The incumbent will also be responsible for defining and developing the strategies which underpin a company’s CSI objectives. He or she will conduct research, come up with ideas, develop policies, create detailed plans, build relationships with partner Companies and then implement and coordinate a range of activities and initiatives which are designed to have a positive impact on the environment and local communities which will include raising awareness of the company’s commitment to CSI and generating publicity around the Company’s altruistic endeavors.

Key Duties and responsibilities
1. Develop effective corporate affairs strategies and follow up towards their implementation
2. Provide executive leadership and direction for all brand government, public relations and corporate affairs
3. Manage the stakeholders and partners with the aim of managing shareholders' interest
4. Continuously profile the company through various forums with a focus of creating awareness that leads to business development.
5. Take part in the development and implementation of relevant policies, procedures and guidelines that guide the Company
6. Cultivate and maintain relationships with media and influential professionals
7. Organize interviews, press conferences and draft press releases to promote awareness of the company and its products/services
8. Manage sensitive issues that relate to the company with all the integrity and professionalism required
9. Manage internal communications e.g. newsletters to ensure the right information is captured and disseminated to the right audiences
10. Foster relationships with external stakeholders and key persons
11. Perform “damage control” on behalf of the company
12. Facilitate the resolution of disputes with the public or external vendors
13. Provide leadership in communication of strategies or messages from senior leadership to the rest of the staff members
14. Support corporate plans in support of corporate events, including sponsored events, tradeshows and industry conferences
15. Monitor emerging trends and best practices in corporate affairs and CSI
16. Design and implement Corporate Social Investment programs for the Company’s key initiatives e.g. Education, Environment, Volunteerism and HIV/AIDS – which promote the company’s favorable public image and enhance the Company’s business growth in line with the Company’s priorities
17. Process and track charitable contributions and in-kind donations to non-profit organizations
18. Understand industry standards for measurement and establish CSI performance indicators to ensure the Company conforms

Key Qualifications and experience
The successful candidate must have at least seven years’ experience in a fast-paced organisation. S/he should have a Master’s Degree in a relevant field and a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations, Communications or a relevant field

Key Competencies
1. Proven experience as communications specialist
2. Outstanding organizational and planning abilities
3. Proficient command of English and Swahili
4. Highly flexible
5. Strong leadership skills
6. Sound Critical thinking skills.
7. Proven ability to build and maintain strong internal relationships and work effectively at all levels of a global organization
8. Demonstrate high level of integrity
9. Ability to work well under pressure, achieve results in a fast-paced dynamic environment, and thrive under short deadlines
10. Organizational savvy: Ability to collaborate and drive results within a global organization
11. Experience working with international teams is preferred
12. Creative abilities
13. Team management skills
14. Ability to foster long-term relationships with key professionals

Interested candidates are advised to visit our website for a more detailed job description and qualifications, and apply online at http://www.pwc.com/ke/en/services/advisory/executive-search.html 

Send your application to reach us by Friday, 12 February, 2018. 

In addition please attach a curriculum vitae that contains details of your qualifications, experience and positions held relevant to this role. Include your day and evening telephone numbers, email address, names and address of three professional referees.

Canvassing in any form is not allowed.



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