Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Education Officer - Mathematics and Physics


Camara Education Tanzania is seeking qualified candidates for the Volunteer position as  Education Officer - Mathematics and Physics

Company Name:Camara Education Tanzania
Job title : Education Officer-Mathematics and Physics
Job type: Volunteer
Job Category: IT& Telecommunication
LOCATION: Ursino street, House no.20, Plot no.59
Mikocheni, Dar es salaam

Job Description
ROLE TITLE: Education Officer
ROLE TYPE: Unpaid internship
REPORTING TO: Technical Volunteer
ORGANIZATION: Camara Education Tanzania(
LOCATION: Ursino street, House no.20, Plot no.59
Mikocheni, Dar es salaam

Educational Officer will be responsible for mapping digital educational content that
Camara have been using for years into Tanzania Curriculum. The successful individual
will be injecting energy and creativity into Educational content alignment and He/She
will also work on Camara’s digital content creation strategy.

Analyse the current digital content used by Camara and propose the best ways of
organising and improving the content to meet the needs of Tanzania schools.
• Review the current Tanzania curriculum and plan the best ways of meeting all
curriculum requirements using the current digital content.
• Review the digital educational content used by Camara and point out areas/topics
that relates to Tanzania curriculum.
• Map the digital content with curriculum and identify any missing content that
need to be created.
• Populate the Learning Management System with curriculum aligned content.
• Review the content and make sure it meets all necessary
• Prepare diferent form of assessments for each topic/subtopic and provide
solutions to each of them which will be integrated in the system.
• Work closely with your supervisor and other Camara staf to ensuring all project
tasks are completed on time and at highest quality.


  • Performing any other related duties assigned by a superior from time to time.
  • Following ofce rules at all times
  • Ensuring that all documents are kept confidential

Required education, experience and competence
• Bachelor degree in education major in Physics and Mathematics
• Fluency in English, both written and spoken;
• High levels of ICT capability;
• Profciency in Microsoft Ofce, Powerpoint
• Excellent organisation and administrative skills
• Ability to work autonomously

How to apply
Send your application letter and CV to

deadline: 1st April 2018