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Recruitment for the Position of Vice-Chancellor

The Governing Council of the International Medical and Technological University invites applications from qualified candidates for the position of VICE-CHANCELLOR.

The Vice-Chancellor is the principal academic and administrative officer of the university and has overall responsibility to the Council for implementation of its recommendations consistent with the University Charter.

Duties and Responsibilities:
As per the Charter of the University, the Vice-Chancellor:
1. Shall be the academic and administrative Head of the University and as such shall be responsible to the Council for maintaining and promoting the academic image as well as maintaining and promoting the efficiency and good order of the University;
2. Shall be a member of all committees appointed by Council or Senate unless otherwise expressly provided;
3. Shall be an ex-official member of the Council
4. Shall be the principal accounting officer of the University;
5. Shall be responsible for policy matters, planning, coordination, public relations, fundraising, and overall general development of the University;
6. Shall be:
a) Chairman of Senate.
b) Chairman of Lecturer and Senior Lecturer Appointments’ Committee.
c) Chairman of the University Management Board.
d) Chairman of other Committees as specified by the University Charter
7. Shall have such responsibilities as may be conferred by the Council in accordance with the University Charter
8. May assign or delegate any of his/her duties to a committee or a member of the University staff and may withdraw any such assignment or delegation at any time.

Qualifications and Qualities:
The candidates for the post of Vice-Chancellor are expected to:
1. Beholder of PhD degree or equivalent and have a minimum of 10 years of experience as professor or senior academician or equivalent, with a distinguished track record of academic leadership, proven management experience in higher education
2. Be able to work as a team leader to raise the ranking of the university both regionally and internationally
3. Be an excellent ambassador for the university with proven negotiating skills and the ability to influence decisions that would positively impact upon the University
4. Provide exceptional organisational leadership, establish and maintain overall direction whilst ensuring optimum utilization of available resources
5. Provide advice to Council and work with the senior management team in the development of realistic and affordable strategic initiatives and their implementation.
6. Inspire confidence, be of exemplary credibility to lead by personal example and command the respect and administration of staff and students alike in the matters of personal work ethics and all actions and deeds.
7. Possess the highest moral standards, proven integrity with an irrevocable commitment to best practices in corporate governance, accountability, openness, transparency and leadership.
8. Show excellent skills of managing confling human relations in the work environment.
9. Show ability to motivate and lead academic and non-academic staff as well as students to work together for the advancement of the university.
10. Be alert to new trends in education and technology and their implications for the delivery of learning.

The Vice Chancellor shall serve for an initial period of 5 years which may be extended for another term of 5 years (to a maximum total of 10 years) by Council on evidence of outstanding performance.

According to IMTU Salary Scales

Application Procedure:
Interested and qualified applicants for this position are requested to send their CV with academic certificates and three professional references to:

Vice Chancellor
International Medical and Technological University
P.O.Box No:77594
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

For more information visit www.imtu.edu



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