Thursday, October 04, 2018

Brand Designer Assistant

Vacancy: Brand Designer Assistant

The job of a brand designer combines marketing and graphic design to create the visual materials that represent a company. Brand designers analyze market trends and formulate strategies to reach consumers. They also design and produce the projects and materials that satisfy the needs of their businesses, in this particular case it is the Shop Outlets through out Dar Es Salaam. These materials can include logos, fonts, color palettes and more. Brand designers work with communications professionals and senior staff members to designate target audiences and create consistency across all marketing platforms.


  • Brand designers participate in the marketing process from start to finish. 
  • Responsible for both developing and producing creative brand designs. 
  • Brand designers oversee all marketing initiatives to ensure that images and messages appropriately contribute to brand identity especially the shop outlets . It is their job to review marketing materials for accuracy and continuity and, in some cases, proofread 
  • documents. 
  • Brand designers must also lead employees in brand development.

Education Requirement:

  • Must be educated in Graphic design
  • Basic Architectural knowledge would be a Big Bonus
  • Experience in designing Shop Outlets would be great

Salary Budget: 800,000 net
Location: Dar Es Salaam
Deadline: 8th October 2018

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