Friday, February 22, 2019

Catering Operations Manager

On behalf of our client we seeks to hire a qualified candidate for the position of a Catering Operations Manager

POSITION TITLE: Catering Operations Manager

REPORTS TO:  Operations Director

BUDGET:         3,000,000 Shillings

INDUSTRY:      Food and Meals

Experience with large catering, airport meals, camp meals and distant sites

EDUCATION:   Food Background, F&B, Chef

LOCATION:     Tanzania



  • In your position of The Catering Operations Manager you'll be involved in every level of decision making, From marketing and selling of banqueting space (Function Halls)
  • Ensuring that each event runs without a hitch.
  • You will be responsible for coordinating the delivery of all food and beverage for functions held in the Halls and all details pertaining to functions being held in all Banquet, Meeting and Other Events in keeping with the standards prescribed by management.
  • Ensure your team meets the requirements of each client, whether they want a small anniversary party for 50, a glamorous wedding for 120, or a high profile corporate dinner for 600 or more. And in a large halls or venue, all of those events may be happening on the same day 
  • Ultimately, you will ensure our events run smoothly and customers have pleasant dining experiences.
  • Be the custodian of the Banqueting Policy
  • Be the Main Custodian of Income Control and Banquet Revenue Standard Operating Procedure

You will be expected to lead by example and uplift our staff during busy moments in our fast-paced environment.

General Responsibilities

1.      Is the main person organising banquets and functions including conferences in house.

2.      Ensures that all the function halls and associated areas are and tidy.

3.      Is in charge of all the function room and banquet preparation set up including d├ęcor and ambience as per SOP.

4.      Takes full charge of all equipment used in banquets and conference including tables, chairs, etc.

5.      Ensures that all amenities and entitlements for guests in function are exceptionally good as per package details are availed to the paying clients.

6.      Carries out menu planning and costing in coordination with the Food and BeverageManager and the Executive Chef.

7.      Releases at an opportune time and to all relevant people, the Function Plans, Functions of the Week Forecasts and the Function diary.

8.      Ensures that all the billing is done correctly and the revenue is captured in the clients/customer bills.

9.      Coordinates with each function organiser for requirements and feed backs from functions.

10.  Administers over customer comment cards for feedback.

11.  Ensures the upkeep of all banqueting areas both inside and outside areas.

12.  Authorises stores requisitions for any shortfall in supplies.

13.  Together with the Sales team will go out for sales and promotions.

14.  Is responsible for achieving revenue targets in banquets department.

15.  Ensures that dissatisfied customers are acknowledged and attended to without delay.

16.  Refers all complaints outside jurisdiction to a responsible Senior Manager.

17.  Ensures that customer needs are anticipated and acted upon promptly and efficiently.

18.  Together with the Internal Controller will prepare budgets for the section.

19.  Ensures that costs are kept at a minimum in the function halls.

20.  Ensures all customers property is well taken care of.

21.  Ensures that all function halls are refreshed and maintained hygienically and serviced during the functions/ meetings.

22.  Ensures that food and beverage is served to customers in accordance with customer requirements and to the set standards of meetings, function, cocktails, sit down dinners, etc.

23.  Manages employee performance and discipline for actions appropriately, including hiring and firing of his team.

24.  Ensures proper cost control is maintained in the area of work.

25.  Ensures that the care of assets programme is followed and proper care of assets and equipment in area of jurisdiction is adhered to at all times.

26.  Ensures the safety of all banqueting areas and associated operating equipment.

27.  Ensures that all stock of items is accounted for and returns taken every week.

28.  All lockable items from the stores are returned as per the deadline and in working conditions.

29.  To be responsible for the grooming standards of the banqueting team.

30.  Should work with the Human resource manager to make requisition for casual / trainee and ensure that during their engagement all functions are well coordinated