Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Civil Engineer

Job Title: Civil Engineer
Location: Upcountry
Salary: 3,000,000/=
Essential: must be ERB registered and have minimum 5 years experience

We are looking for an experienced, driven Civil Engineer with a wealth  of industry knowledge. To ensure success, the ideal candidate should be  comfortable splitting their hours between the office, on-site visits and  attending council meetings.

The Civil Engineer should be a critical thinker and have a sound subject  knowledge of mathematics and physics to identify and solve engineering  problems. You must also possess a certain level of creativity in order  to present innovative solutions and improvements to technical processes.

The successful candidate will be able to effectively communicate ideas, make recommendations, and negotiate project details with their team, subcontractors, and clients.

*Developing detailed designs.
*Doing feasibility assessments and site inspections.
*Preparing and implementing project plans.
*Researching and providing estimates for projects.
*Reviewing government regulations and ordinances.
*Monitoring and optimizing safety procedures, production processes, and regulatory compliance.
*Making recommendations or presenting alternative solutions to problems.
*Confidently liaising with clients and other professional
*Project management duties (e.g. managing budgets, resources, and
deadlines; acquiring and compiling quotes, etc.).

Civil Engineer Requirements:
-Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or related field, accredited by the Institution of Civil Engineers.
-Registration as a Professional Engineer may be required.(ERB)
-A minimum of five years’ industry knowledge may be strongly desired.
-Knowledge of map creation software and photo imaging software.
-Strong analytical and critical thinking skills, with a high level of accuracy in calculations and design.
-Excellent time management skills to ensure project deadlines are met.
-Leadership skills to effectively manage a diverse group of professionals working on one project.
-Ability to coordinate more than one project at a time.

Send your  CV to Email: job@bluerecruits.com

Deadline: 24th February 2019