Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Production Manager, Production Supervisor and First Line Team Lead

KEDS Tanzania Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “KEDS Tanzania” or “Company”) was registered in Tanzania in the year 2016. The principal business is mainly the international trade of building material products and daily chemical instant consumables. It is based and projected to take advantage (in the future) of the development and expansion of emerging markets in Africa. KEDS is dedicated to put the customer at the foremost, with its core business philosophy as the improvement of living quality of people from emerging countries. Therefore, KEDS has formed a strong team of product research and development providing people from emerging markets with Daily FMCG.

POSITION TITTLES: Production manager, production supervisor and first line team leader.
REPORTS TO: Managing Director

Paper making involves mixing chemicals together with water and pulp fibers, according to a specific recipe, and processing the mixture through to dewatering, drying and finishing. As an employee working in a paper making process, your typical duties include setting up machines, monitoring machine operations, conducting quality control checks and handing raw materials and intermediate stock. Duties also include assisting in finishing operations that convert, cut and package intermediate stock into a final form. You are also responsible for observing all safety and health rules while performing your duties.

Key Competencies:
· Excellent computer skills
· Attention to detail.
· Multilingual may be preferred or required.
· Desire to be proactive and create a positive experience for others.
· Teamworking and management skills
· Communication and presentation skills

Experience & Training.
· Bachelor degree in production and processing engineering.
· Prior experience of 3 years in paper production.

Interested and qualified candidates should forward their detailed CV before June 22, 2019 to kedsrecruits@gmail.com (indicate the position title in the email subject line).

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.